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Are you looking for best BCAA’s for your workouts? We have something special for you today.

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Battle Ready Fuel Intra Workout is a brand new BCAA supplement designed for men and women that aim to build muscles faster, improve their strength and energy levels, recovery time, and, of course, to make their bodies look wonderfully attractive.


What makes it different from other capsules and powders?

First, Battle Ready Fuel or BRF has been developed by ex-SAS (Special Forces in the UK) members.

Those guys are tough. They know how important it is to stay strong and hardy in harsh conditions. Guys from special forces workout hard. And they do use supplements – it is not a secret.

BRF is a masterpiece. It combines both the military experience and modern scientific inventions.

Second, BRF powder is super affordable.

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For example, the top rated worldwide brand on the market, namely Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard BCAA, is sold on Amazon for $30 and contains 28 servings per bottle ($1 per serving). At the same time, Battle Ready is sold for $54.99 and it has 90 services (40% more affordable). If you are unhappy with the results, BRF will make you full money back.

Additionally, BRF has a 4:1:1 ratio of amino acids (leucine, isoleucine, and valine; read more about branch-chained amino acids below), while most supplements have 2:1:1. BRF has doubled leucine for you to improve your endurance.


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Can women take it?

Of course. Ladies can also benefit from taking Battle Ready. However, stay away from any bodybuilding activity and supplements if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Your baby is more important than your shape.


Is BRF Intra Workout vegan/vegetarian friendly?

Absolutely. This supplement does not contain anything that has been derived from animals.


Does it contain caffeine?

While caffeine is sometimes a good workout supplement, this product does not contain it. Sometimes, caffeine does bad things. If taken in the evening, it can lead to a sleep disorder.

Additionally, caffeine is found to irritate the nervous system which is also a bad thing.

After an exhaustive workout, you will want to have a great sleep that will speed up your recovery and give energy for the next day. Caffeine can take this all away from you.


Which tastes does it have?

If you are looking for the best tasting BCAA supplement, it is definitely BRF with its amazing Cherry Burst flavor.


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What are BCAAs used for?

After exhaustive workouts, the body tends to take amino acids out of tissues for reparation (so called, catabolism).

These essential amino acids (leucine, isoleucine, and valine) are needed to support muscles and keep them in a growth state (preventing catabolism) as well as speed up tissue recovery.

BRF works great for whatever cycle you are in: either cutting or bulking.


Does it work for weight loss?

Yes it does, but not directly. This powder helps your muscles recover quicker as well as prevents extreme muscle soreness, thus making you workout more effectively.

This way, with the help of Battle Ready Fuel, you will lose your unwanted fat much faster. All you need is your dedication to the goal.


Do BCAAs Really Work?

battle ready fuel supplements 2019

When it comes to using BCAAs as workout supplements, there is no peace and unanimity among bodybuilders, nutritionists, and scientists.

All of them argue and cannot decide if it is good or bad to stuff yourself with amino acids before and after workouts to speed up muscle building.

Some bodybuilders, like guys from Legion Athletics, say that amino acids don’t work at all if, during your workout, you are not in a fasted state (a state where your insulin level is low and your body doesn’t get energy from the food you have eaten).

Well, I’m not a biochemistry scientist, therefore I cannot say for sure. I’m a workout newbie. However, I believe what my eyes see. And I see that BCAAs do work.

There are some relevant researches that show neither confidence, nor uncertainty whether BCAA can become a great bodybuilding supplement that will effectively stimulate muscle growth, so that every man or woman who wants to sculpt their physique and look like an athlete from ancient Greece, can benefit from it.

Despite the above, bodybuilding nutrition is a billion-dollar industry today in 2019, and ‘BCAA’ is inscribed on nearly any bottle that is sold as a muscle training supplement. Marketers have done their job perfectly well. And, I guess, there is no smoke, without a fire.

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Let’s see what BCAA stands for and how it works

BCAA stands for Branched-Chain Amino Acids. To put it simply, amino acids with a branched chain structure. And that’s it.

Amino acids are essential to any protein, while protein is essential to any muscle in any living creature that has muscles (no amino acids = no proteins = no muscles).

There are three branched-chain amino acids that are used to create new proteins in the human body, namely leucine, isoleucine, and valine. These amino acids are called proteinogenic, which means they are involved in the genesis of new protein sequences during a process called protein synthesis.

BCAAs account for around 45% of all amino acids found within the body muscles, therefore it is difficult to overestimate their importance: they are indeed very important. For both muscle health and overall health (immunity system).

Good luck with your muscle building journey!

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